COLUMBIA, SC 29202


                                                                                                   ABWA’S MISSION

The mission of the American Business Women’s Association is to bring together business women of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition.


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                                          2022-2023 ABWA Columbia Triad Chapter

                                                                   Woman of the Year

Mrs. Debra Brown has a consistent presence at all chapter meetings with uninterrupted membership in
Columbia Triad Chapter for more than a decade. She quietly works in the background while serving the Chapter in the most impactful ways. She uploads information to the national website to fulfill the requirements of Best Practices. She participates and engages in the decision-making process,
always keeping a cheerful outlook. She is humble and does not prefer the spotlight but truly demonstrates consistently ask me where I can serve, and I am willing. She has sponsored member(s) and continues to inspire others toward membership by sharing her ABWA story. She has attended and served as volunteer for South Carolina Area Council of ABWA Conference in Charleston SC and attended other chapter events throughout ABWA nation; and supported our sister Chapter, Women Connecting Women in its formation.
She is a Front-Line Worker (Registered Nurse/Manager). She is a trained CPR instructor and has inspired some of our young ABWA members to get certified in CPR. As a front-line worker, she has been challenged with the many faces of Covid, yet her spirits have not waivered and commitment to taking care of ABWA business, church, and community has remained. She oversees Covid protocols and CPR/First Aid classes at church and community and advocates for a safer space for us all. She ensures that her mother, a Chapter member and past National Secretary/Treasurer is at each meeting and stays abreast of all things ABWA and community, including learning Zoom.
Her fundraising efforts and community outreach are beyond; with spearheading the efforts to identify and coordinate chapter donations for front line workers and children. Her efforts during
the past holiday season, included purchasing five bicycles to help a child smile at Christmas.
Within ABWA, she has served as Chair for Education and Scholarship committee as well as service on what we believe all committees at some point, Best Practice, Membership, Newsletter, Fundraising, etc. She is our longest serving Chapter Secretary and has not said “No” even if she’s tired.
Committees and capacities served to the chapter during her uninterrupted membership includes elected Executive Board and has earned the title “Legacy Secretary” as our longest serving Chapter
Secretary and has not said ‘no’ even if shes’s tired.
Our 2022-2023 Woman of the year Mrs. Deborah Brown.



Linda Hough- Hicks 

2023 ABWA Top Ten Recipient 

Linda is the owner of Hough-Hicks Travels, an
Independent Travel Agency. She became an entrepreneur
after twenty-eight years of service in the Housing
Industry. She retired from the SC State Housing Finance
and Development Authority in 2013.
As a travel agent, she provides personalized travel planning
for individuals, groups, families, and couples. Her
business focus is on cruises to all destinations on major
cruise lines, land, and air packages to "all inclusive" resorts
in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Mexico. In the United
States, she plan travel packages to Alaska, Hawaii, Las
Vegas and any major city or state.
Hough-Hicks Travels provide their clients with remarkable
experiences which create memories that last a lifetime. Her
business has grown within the last five years with referrals
from repeat clients, which is a good sign of satisfaction and
confidence in services.
As you think about where you would like to travel for your
next getaway, rest assure that you now have someone who
will make things easier for you to Just Pack and Play!

Anna Davis Recipient of Community Service Award




 On May 1, 2022 Columbia (SC) Delta Sigma Theta Chapter, Inc recognize our very own Anna Davis.  Anna received the Community Service Award in recognition of her valuable contributions and tireless hours of commitment in the community. The Columbia Triad Chapter congratulate Anna on a huge accomplishment.


Columbia Triad ABWA Chapter Officers 2021-2022 



Anna Davis, Adviser


Hazel Hall,  President



Jaqueline Branham, Vice President


Linda Hicks, Treasurer

Debra Brown, Recording Secretary


Genice Hall, Chapter Adviser


Anna Davis


1998 Top Ten Business Woman.                                SC Area Council Executive Board Member-Communication Director 

Doris Harrison

2021-2022 Business Woman of the Year Past Vice President Fundraiser,         Co-Chairperson,  SC Area Council Delegate Chairperson Technology



Debra Brown

Secretary,      2022-2023   Woman of the Year

Janie Brown


Past National Secretary/ Treasurer


Linda Hough Hicks


Past President

Social Media Chairperson     SC Area Council Delegate

Genice Hall

 of Past President

2020 ABWA Top Ten Business Woman of the Year

Dr. Carolyn Kennedy



Sharon Jones    Member 

Fundraiser Chairperson

Pamela Johnson


Melanie Jenkins


Hazel Hall

Vice President

Past Membership Chairperson


Beverly Bowers


Lou Ann Pyatt

Newsletter Chairperson

Quianna Nathaniel- Cuthen


Erika McPhail


Latrish Garvin


Bridget Deline